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  • Book Display "Los Peques"


     Four Bible stories beautifully illustrated

    Format: carton box

    100 pcs  25 of each title

    Medidas / Size: 23 cm x 31 cm / 9.05 x 12.20''

  • La Biblia formando valores


    Formed values

    Contains 60 magnificent full-color illustrated Bible stories, plus verses, poems, definitions, and stories from everyday life that will help children apply the teachings on values ​​as their love for the word of God grows and their understanding of the same.

    Format: Hardcover

    Pages: 248

    Medidas /Size: 18 cm x 26 cm / 7.08 x 10.23''

  • La gran Biblia y yo: The...


    Encourage your children to learn and grow by reading the Old Testament. Each page includes a mini version of the story, a coloring page and some type of activity that requires writing (connect dots, a maze, letter soup and more). 

    Format: hard lasted 

    Pages: 192


    Medidas / Size: 18 cm x 26 cm / 7.08 x 10.23''

  • David


    Little Bible Heroes

    Discover the true, amazing Bible stories of people who made a difference and changed their part of the world. Short Bible stories for young children of all ages. 

    Format: flexible 

    Pages: 16


    Medidas / Size: 15 cm x 15 cm / 5.90 x 5.90''

  • Álbum de mi bebé


    Baby photo album with biblical stories.

    Format: Padded

    Pages: 36

    Cd with instrumental music

    Medidas / Size: 23.8 cm x 22.8 cm / 9.37 x 8.97''

  • Las historias de Cristian


    2 Minutes of Fictional Stories of Jesus as a Child This book presents 14 fictional stories that took place when Jesus was a young child, each featuring a lesson that children can relate to. From sharing to handling difficulties in a positive way, these fun and colorful illustrated stories bring another dimension to learning about the characters' positive traits and values.

    Format: Hardcover

    Pages: 32

    Medidas / Size: 21.2 cm x 26.3 cm / 8.34 X 10.35''

  • Big bible little Me


    Values ​​and virtues of the Bible.

    It features 60 charming Bible stories with colorful illustrations, verses, definitions, and examples from everyday stories that will help children apply lessons of courage and character, while increasing their love and understanding of God's Word. No matter what your goal is in raising your children, they will have a greater chance of being happy and successful when they grow up if they learn good moral goals through the Word of God.

    Format: Hardcover

    Pages: 128

    Medidas / Size: 18 cm x 26 cm / 7.08 x 10.23''

  • Oraciones a lo largo del día


    Prayer encourages children to practice gratitude, to dedicate time to the Lord during their day and to realize that He is always by their side, willing to listen to them and to be part of their lives. 

    Format: flexible 

    Pages: 32

    Medidas / Size: 17 cm x 21.2 cm / 6.69 x 8.34''

  • Dios habla conmigo para niños


    It is an illustrated devotional book for children that contains brief messages from God. Through them, the little ones can easily understand the principles of the Bible, while forming a loving and close concept of God.

    Format: flexible 

    Pages: 44

    Medidas / Size: 16 cm x 16 cm / 6.29 x 6.29''

  • Efesios 6 - La armadura de...


    It contains illustrations that will help you understand the verses and applications presented, as well as historical facts to support the concept of armor.

    Format: flexible 

    Pages: 32

    Medidas / Size: 16 cm x 16 cm / 6.29 x 6.29''

    ISBN: 9781623870317

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